Friday, December 03, 2010

My ArtSwap Came!

Oh my Twitter #ArtSwap came and I was soooo delighted to get it! It was from Tasmanian artist Kim Foale, @frogpondsrock, a wonderful ceramic artist.  I had seen her post it on the #ArtSwap stream and thought to myself: "Oh I would sooo LOVE to get that for #ArtSwap!" And for once in my life (well once that I am conscious of) the Universe heard me! AMAZING!  She makes wonderful pieces that pay homage to the human connection with art, leaving personal traces like fingerprints in the glaze or the slightly off center edge. No mass produced every one perfect and perfectly the same bellybutton pieces here. This is truly OOAK and I just love it! Here it is....check it out! Isn't it beautiful?!

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