Friday, December 03, 2010

Chloe as a Christmas Gift

My husband's family has decided this year to give handmade gifts, with a approximate value of $20. They did this last year also, with moderate success. The women in the family, all very creative, were very happy to make and give handmade gifts. We like to create. The men......not so much. One of my brothers-in-law made a paper airplane out of a twenty dollar bill (which, I gotta admit, I thought was quite creative. It fit the was handmade and had a $20 value) and the other taped a check for $19 to a cinder block and wrapped it. (He said the block cost $1...LOL)
Now this year I was not so keen to do this because December is really hectic for me and the kids can't seem to do anything like this on their own which means that I have to practically spoon feed them  to get them to make something. It just is a pain and makes my December that much more hectic and that much more stressful. But, in for a penny, in for a pound. I got my brother-in-law, paper airplane guy, in the gift draw and decided that I would do a portrait of his baby daughter (Remember I LOVE faces...LOL) I sure hope he likes it because I don't know what else I could possibly make him that he would like.
Anyways here she is.....Chloe.....whatcha think? She's kinda cute huh?

Oh I forgot to's been at least 30 years since I worked with lie. I had to blow the dust off of them when I pulled them out of my cabinet. All things considered I think I did rather well.

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