Thursday, September 19, 2013

End of Art Fair Season…. ;-(

Drying out the tent and unloading the van today. Storing it all away for next year. It's slow going 'cuz I caught a cold over the weekend at Funky Ferndale and it's kicking my @$$… :-(  I have no scheduled shows between now and March so I plan on getting a lot of things caught  up around the house and studio. I have a lot of stock so that means I can do some experimenting in the studio that I've been meaning to do. I'll keep you posted. I may be offering some sale items in the next couple of months just trying to reduce my stock and make some room in the studio. Also I have a new web page in the works I will let you know when that is ready. The old website will have a link to it as well.
Many thanks to all of you who came out to see me this art fair season and to the new folks who liked my page it was great to meet you!
Keep your eyes on this space… never know  what might happen…. ;-D

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