Thursday, April 11, 2013

The "Horse of Art"

Yesterday I had the pleasure of doing a demonstration for The Shelby Township Fine Art Society. I had a wonderful time and they seemed to also. It was the first time I had done a live demo and I was a bit nervous. I managed to overcome that with a bit of humor (who knew?). It was a very interesting evening. I had to explain my process which took some thinking on my part, because the process is something I usually just let happen and don't pay attention to. Sounds weird I know. Oh there are things I'm concious of but for the most part I let the piece tell me where it wants to go and that requires letting go and giving the "horse of art" it's head so it can run. It's hard to explain. But I guess I managed to articulate that crazy process to the Fine Art Society….either that or they didn't want to question the crazy artist lady any further lest she lose it right there…..LOL

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