Friday, August 06, 2010

Blue Hibiscus

'Blue Hibiscus'
I was unable to scan this entire drawing as it is rather large but most of it made it... :)


Artstamers said...

This is so very lovely maria,trust you are well and I am missing your amazing imagination and love this tis wonderful

Evelyn McCorristin Peters said...

A truly beautiful piece. You have a great sense of the detail. I can almost feel the flowers growing off the page. Hope you are well and keep up your amazing work!

Jon Andersen said...

I just bought this original at the Royal Oak Farmer's Market Art Fair. Maria was amazing and her artwork needs to be seen in person.

It was a hug not a punch, so that's good.

Maria said...

I'm so glad you bought the piece (and 'Nautilus'), because it's nice to know that my work is going to people who truly love it. I know my "babies" are going to a good home! It was really nice to meet you and your wife yesterday. Keep your eye on this space for new work and info for upcoming shows. Thanks so much for your wonderful comments and your patronage!
P.S. I'm glad she didn't punch you, I would hate for my artwork to incite violence....LOL ;-D