Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This piece was commissioned by a friend as a birthday present for her sister whose cancer has finally gone into remission.


artbyskym said...

This has to be my favorite piece by far! I love the Pink Blush, (noting the sig color for C.A.) the essence of how time is precious and the movement of the gears seem to represent moving forward with life! The words HEAL and HOPE bring it all together! GREAT job Maria :D

MaryArtStudio said...

Hi Maria!

This is a beautiful peace, I think you capture very well'what it means,that stepping stone , process.. towards healing, this peace moved me so much, cancer is an horrible thing, my hubby is also an Survivor. I know very well the feeling'.

I am very happy for you're friend!!. tell her I say Hi and Echale Ganas!=Keep it Up!! Be Strong!

Life is a beautiful thing!! ,and valuable, and every minute counts, thank you so much for sharing this peace with the rest of us.



Aba said...

I looove this one and all of your stuff!! It was a pleasure to meet you last night - I am inspired.

Maria said...

Are you the one I had the rapidio-graph conversation with? I'm so glad to be an inspiration! Thanks so much for your wonderful comments and I hope to see you YOUR art fair booth one day. :)

Keep being creative!