Wednesday, May 19, 2010


This is a portrait of a Twitter friend @heniadis. He has always been one of my most enthusiastic supporters of my weird steampunk heads. He has a series of portraits on the web called Portrait A Day  so it was very easy for me to get some pictures of him to do this portrait. Or at least I thought it would be easy....heehee. His portraits are a wonderful artistic exploration of self...however they did not give me enough facial views to get a complete view of his full face. I persevered and pulled enough views off the web to complete this piece. I thought he would LOVE it if his own head became one of my steampunk creations and HE DID!....that's the best part when they love it! I'm so glad he did. He purchased this piece from me as well and became my very first customer for my new business: MOT Studios. Thanks Spyros! He even posted a video of him opening it onYouTube!

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